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Inner Alchemy Accelerator Program (IAAP)

Re-pattern your Body-Mind system.


IAAP is a deeply transformational 9 Week program that consists of 9 x 2 hour sessions conducted via Zoom or Skype.

Invest in this process to break free from past conditioning, to unlock your full potential and optimize your life.


IAAP incorporates a multidisciplinary approach, combining the use of both modern practices and ancient healing modalities to synthesize your systems into a state of coherence.  

The program takes you through The Spiral; a potent modality specifically developed to take you through a sequence of emotional clearing around 22 emotions as part of a 7-stage process.  

Each level focuses on a particular energy center in your body, giving you the opportunity to unpack and release deep seated repressed emotions that have been weighing you down and holding you back. Tap into new levels of awareness, raise your level of consciousness as you journey your own inner alchemical process.


IAAP provides a safe space for you to immerse yourself fully into the experience of unravelling your deepest conditioning.  

As you begin to free up more energetic space, you also map out new terrain for what is possible in your reality. You step into your full expression. 

The foundation of this program is built and derived from a multitude of different practices, scientific findings and ancient knowledge.


Drawing from resources such as: 

  • David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness  

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  

  • The Chakra Based System  

  • Chinese Medicine -The 5 Elements Theory  

  • The Meridian System  

  • Spiral Dynamics 

  • Cultivating coherence with HeartMath  

  • Applied Kinesiology - Muscle testing


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Intention Setting Session & Seminar

  • Level 1: Deserving/ Worthiness/ Survival
  • Level 2: Creativity/ Belonging/ Feelings
  • Level 3: Power/ Setting Boundaries
  • Level 4: Openness/ Love/ Organisation
  • Level 5: Expression/ Leadership
  • Level 6: Vision/ Perception/ Truth
  • Level 7: Purpose/ Spirituality/ Self Actualisation

Final Integration Session

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Freequenci Shift

Introducing a 7 day immersive movement program.


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