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If you are invested in your personal and professional growth, we would love to work with you!


If you are invested in your personal and professional growth,
we would love to work with you!
Our team provides a unique coaching service, offered exclusively to high achievers who seek to develop their success and optimise the 7 major areas of their life. We help great people become exceptional.

Unlike other “mindset coaches'', here at Freequenci we recognise the complexity of human beings and take on a more holistic approach when working with you. We particularly pay attention to the many facets that you hold as an individual, and work collaboratively to explore and identify your unconscious programming.

As we trace the foundational structures of your design, we begin to determine your patterns and start the pursuit in uncovering your inherit gifts that are waiting to be “unlocked”. We believe that each of us possess innate abilities, but may require the support in accessing these resources. Your obstacles are merely pure potential contained in another form waiting to become actualized.

As part of the coaching agreement; you will receive specialised support and guidance around how to show up in your life in a totally new and empowering way. We will work closely together to shift your current circumstances, by re-coding your entire body-mind system to one that is congruent with your vision.

You will learn how to overcome setbacks, take ownership of your whole-self and embody an archetype that serves you and your business. 

We help you to:

  • Engineer a new baseline state that is Life-enhancing  
  • Learn the application of Universal Principles 
  • Break down existing paradigms that no longer serve you 
  • Leverage perceived vulnerabilities to your advantage 
  • Implement real life strategies to solve real life problems  
  • Cultivate new awareness around a pressing issue  
  • Tap into your innate wisdom and inner guidance 
  • Gain clarity on your vision and purpose 
  • Build inner resources 
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