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Hi, we're
Mel & Nat

Get to know more about us!

Hi, we're Mel & Nat

Get to know more about us!

Melanie is a Life Strategist and Holistic Coach.

She draws from a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in self-transformation.

Since experiencing a traumatic NDE in 2012, she spent years living with what is commonly referred to as PTSD. This left her with deteriorating mental, emotional and physical health. Knowing that she could not escape herself; Melanie accepted the challenge and embarked on a quest for renewal. This was the catalyst that propelled her forward in her profession. In the years that followed ― she dedicated much of her time to researching different techniques and methods for re-integrating the mind and body. This ignited her interest in the field of consciousness and the capabilities of the human mind.

Today as a coach, she focuses on incorporating both cutting-edge science with ancient healing practices in her pursuit to create long-lasting changes for her clients. She fundamentally believes that everyone holds the key to their own happiness, health and prosperity but may lack the know-how to unlock this potential.

In her sessions she aims to create the right space for her clients to shift their paradigms, explore their creativity and cultivate a new self-awareness. Most of her work is heavily based around building resilience, goal-setting, managing trauma, re-programming neural networks and mastering energy flow.

She is certified as a Life-coach, an EFT practitioner, master practitioner of NLP, and a Heartmath coach.

Natalie helps great people become exceptional.

With a background in the performing arts, Natalie received her BA (Hons) degree at London Studio Centre. It was here, over the course of four years, she learnt the true art of connection and being in tune with the body, expression and creativity at its rawest form while building fundamental life skills that come with dance industry culture such as resilience, emotional intelligence and perseverance.

After leaving the dance career behind Natalie excelled quickly into finance from working independently with Investors, mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners of SME's. She went on to work as a broker for a PLC asset management firm and worked for the Financial Times as a VIP consultant.

Since breaking away from the corporate world Natalie has cultivated her life passion and vision to throw herself into the world of masterful coaching and works holistically with the body as an access point to subconscious blueprinting.

She is a fully qualified Life coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and Spiral Practitioner.

Natalie facilitates a powerful growth within clients to connect to and live their highest potential authentic self. She holds space for each individual to do the deep work and safely unpack and explore the self, release dense emotional burdens such as shame, anger and guilt and other clusters of unconscious negative conditioning which may be creating resistance and unnecessary prolonged strain in their personal and business life.

By leveraging up to date cutting edge research, Natalie creates containers for those individuals on a personal transformational journey who wish to develop their innate skills, attain goals, expand their business/personal brand and reconnect with their purpose. 
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